… a s l e e p … or not I guess..

I’d like to sleep now… pleas? Pretty pleas?… No? *sigh*

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Hate to admit it..

and I hate to face the facts…

While I was doing poledance/polefitness in Bergen my back (witch have been a nightmare for as long as I can remember because of week muscles) stopped being a problem. The first couple of times I spent training it was worse than ever before, but then then all of a sudden it stopped. And it actually took me a few weeks to realize that since I was overly excited about the poledance/fitness (miss it so much!).

But  I’ve had some good months not having any neck and back problems, the ting is that the problem is retuning. It’s almost half a year since I had to stop training pole so it shouldn’t be a surprise. But I’ve been ignoring it as best I could. I HATE strength training!! But if the choose is between a back that doesn’t work in day to day life or doing some strength training… Well, it’s a easy pick.

So no more ignoring it. I need to work out. But since the motivation is missing it’s going to be hard. I’m making an plan for some simple exercises to do at home and I’ll get some help to make a proper workout plan to do at the Gym. I have a hope that if I just can force myself trough the first month it might actually be fun.. Or at least an habit? Arh, I hate strength training! :(

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2010 – what to remember?

That’s it, 2010 is history. Time passes to quickly! I still have the last new years eve fresh in my memory so I’m not ready for the new year at all… But, nothing to do about that. I just have to adapt and speed up my inner clock som. Christmas and  New Years Eve takes me by surprise every year. Thought I was getting used to it, but no.

Last New Year Eve I spent with a girlfriend in Bergen. Eat a lovely meal that her parents made, went by the city at midnight and sleep until dinner the next day. The perfect way to start the year.  This time I was in Bodø, had dinner with my family before going out. But went home early. A fun and entertaining night with good company, and I hope there are more of those waiting in the year that has arrived!

I was thinking about doing a month by month of 2010, but then I realized that wouldn’t work. I have lots of memories but the time-line is a bit of a mess. So instead I’ll post some of the pictures from 2010 and write some comments to them :) (If you click the photo you’ll get a bigger version.)

In January a good friend of mine from the army visited me in Bergen. Instead of going out partying, we (and a girlfriend) went out around midnight and played in the snow. He stopped by Bergen later in the year too, and this time we where outside in the sun the whole time. Good days! It’s been to long since I last have seen this friend, and I’m planing on visiting him in Stavanger as soon as possible. Oh, the snow-woman was given the name Mette – Marit which is like soon-to-be-the-queen here in Norway.

I found myself a new hobby too this year. Spent about half a year doing pole dance/fitness. Love it! As soon as I get the opportunity I’m starting with this again. It’s hard work, but I even got up early before work and spent hours training. It was so much fun mastering a new pose.. Workout have never been this much fun! I remember the bruisings too…

Around my birthday I went to London with a girlfriend for about a week. It was my first time in London, and I loved it! We did so much shopping that we had a bit of a problem getting everything in our suitcases before going back home. I got some lovely dresses, the sad thing is: since I’ve gained some much needed weight, they don’t fit me any more :(

In May my little brother got trough his confirmation, so I spent a weekend in Bodø with lots of family. I can’t believe how old my siblings have become, in my head there still about ten years old and a pain in the butt.

My family moved in a new house early in 2010. It was a bit strange selling the house I grew up in, but the new house is bigger, and with time I’m sure it will feel like home too.

My mother and little sister visited me in Bergen in the summer, and then we spent a few days in Oslo. They visited in just the right moment because a couple of weeks later I moved back up to Bodø and in with my family again.

When I was back in Bodø, I spent the first few days painting the outside of the new house. The weather was nice, so did the painting in my bikini. Got a bit of a tan too, witch was awesome! But the paint spots took a longe time to get rid of…

Spent a few weeks on holiday too this summer. Drove down to Disneyland in Paris, and back up north to Bodø. Did a lot of fun things on the way. Legoland in Germany, kissing a moose and I even went paragliding!! So awesome! But scary… I was sure we would just fall to the ground and die.

Had a few trips to Oslo the second half of the year. Once a month for the last three months actually. First time was so that I could go to the interview for the job in the USA , then a trip to go to a Christmas party with my good friends.

And then one last time to go to a ball and an graduation thing. This with my boyfriend who I found when I moved back to Bodø. It was an amazing party, the army really knows how to make proper party’s! Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures from this. Instead I’ll post a few photos from the New Years celebrating from the other day.

So, let’s start 2011 with an A for Awesome! I already know that 2011 will be an year with some amazing experiences. I’m leaving for the USA on the 3th of May, that’s the big thing. But I don’t have any doubt that the whole year will be AWESOME, filled with amazing memories.. I can’t wait!

But I promise.. Next Christmas and New Years Eve I’ll be prepared! No more of the “OH SHIT! It’s Christmas eve in two days!! (total panic)” and then a few days later “OH SHOT! How did it get to new years eve already??!”…  But, that is a promise I’ve made for the last five (?) years, and I get just as panicked every year. Shame on me. :)

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Jeg skulle skrive noe..

… men så løp tiden fra meg. Eller var det inspirasjonen som rømte?

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A pair of socks?

I’ve reached a point where I can’t even find a pair of socks in my room (plenty of single once though), witch means that it have gone beyond chaos. It is close to epic… But on the other hand I now have discovered where I placed all my winter clothes, witch is good since the snow started falling again yesterday and seems to be staying on the ground for a while. No matter what it MIGHT be time for a proper clean up soon..

Might have been a good idea to do that instead of staying in front of the computer.. Or going out last night… (Went out sober, got home sober and with a tie! Awesome.) And it might even have been a good idea to do it before the mess got into the category “out of control”… But at least I know where my work clothes are, witch is excellent since I’m off to work in a little bit!

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Dear Candidate….

Guess what I found in my inbox a few hours ago…?

“Dear  Candidate,


On behalf of ———————–, we are happy to let you know that you have successfully passed your interview for the —————————————————-!

————————– has a departure date for you on —————- and for a ——————— position for 12 months.”

I’m so going to the USA next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Still waiting…

And I’m having a panic-attack every time I check my email. I have to admit that I’m not very good at waiting, but practise makes perfect, right? Just a few days left…

(me running around in circles and acting all crazy…)

I want to know NOW!!!!

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