Day by day.

I’m pretty sure that who-ever-it-is-that-is-the-boss-of-everything just stood by waiting to find the worst possible moment to make me sick. Spent yesterday at home, feeling horrible. But it seems that I’m better now, which is good since I’m off to work soon.

The summer is over, and every time I look outside there is some small change. I’ll start spending some time in an sun-bed soon, since there is about zero sun here in the winter time. But then again, the sun is up almost 24/7 during the summer, so it’s not to bad. I love the midnight sun, and the dark hours of the winter have their charm too.

It’s only 15 days left until The Interview! Two weeks. I’ve found someone writhing a little about how it is “over there”. (You’ll find it her, but it’s in Norwegian.) Reading about her experiences so far made me want the job even more. But I’ve started working on an backup-plan if I don’t get the job. No matter what, I’ll be out seeing the world soon. I can’t wait!

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3 Responses to Day by day.

  1. I hear you. In Bergen we had a horrible week, better now, but bad enough to make me sick also :(
    God Bedring :)

  2. ll says:

    Har du fått vite noe mer om intervjuet du skal på? Når klokken du skal og sånt? :D

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