Such a weekend!

…. and only a few days untill The Interview!

Last week was a long one. So long that I’m having trouble remembering what I did Monday. Such a strange thing, but I’m guessing I didn’t do much. I don’t tend to forget fun and important stuff! Got some bad news from work, witch I have to figure out what to do about, but I’m halfway waiting until after The Interview before deciding. It will sort itself out with time I think, it’s just a matter of time and opportunity.

This weekend was totally awesome. Me and the three girls I’m dancing with did a performance in an bar Friday night. It was not an success but we had so much fun! Drunk people laying on the ground where you’re suppose to dance makes it a bit hard to do a good job. But loads of fun, and got to meet some new people. In the end, a night to remember! Saturday I spent with a few friends, and Sunday night I was dragged off to a karaoke bar. It was awesome, but I’m not a singing person. Meet a few people I knew before I moved south two years ago, witch was nice. And there was lots of new people there too. Awesome!

Bergen 2009

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