This is it!

Tomorrow I’m of to Oslo, and on Saturday it’s time for The Interview! I can’t wait! But, there is thousands of thing I should do before leaving. I’m one of those people who pack their bags in the last minute, and forget half of what should be packed. Shame on me! I hope that I’ll get done packing tonight. But, I say the same thing every time I’m going somewhere…

Yesterday was the first day of snow staying on the grown. Such an awesome thing wakening up to snow! The first snowfall is magical. But the rest of the winter, let’s just say that I prefer summer. If you could have snow and over 15 *C I’d be the happiest person ever! I do enjoy playing in the snow, so it’s not all bad. The problem is the horrible cold weather..

And because of the cold I had to do some shopping today! Spent way to much money, but got some nice stuff. I’d forgotten how fun shopping could be! At least until afterwards when I feel guilty about all the money I’ve spent.. But I’ve only gotten things I needed!

I’m planing on making some of my friends join me on Sunday night for another night out with karaoke. It’s perfect timing, if my plane is landing when I think it is.. Have to check the tickets!

Bergen early 2010, Good friends!


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