Hate to admit it..

and I hate to face the facts…

While I was doing poledance/polefitness in Bergen my back (witch have been a nightmare for as long as I can remember because of week muscles) stopped being a problem. The first couple of times I spent training it was worse than ever before, but then then all of a sudden it stopped. And it actually took me a few weeks to realize that since I was overly excited about the poledance/fitness (miss it so much!).

But  I’ve had some good months not having any neck and back problems, the ting is that the problem is retuning. It’s almost half a year since I had to stop training pole so it shouldn’t be a surprise. But I’ve been ignoring it as best I could. I HATE strength training!! But if the choose is between a back that doesn’t work in day to day life or doing some strength training… Well, it’s a easy pick.

So no more ignoring it. I need to work out. But since the motivation is missing it’s going to be hard. I’m making an plan for some simple exercises to do at home and I’ll get some help to make a proper workout plan to do at the Gym. I have a hope that if I just can force myself trough the first month it might actually be fun.. Or at least an habit? Arh, I hate strength training! :(

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